10 Summer Must-Do Beauty Habits

The summer heat is here to stay. Don’t spend the season hiding inside—adopt these 10 beauty habits that are sure to keep you looking primed and ready for any occasion outside.

1. Use Deodorant to Protect Blow-Out

It may seem like an odd trick, but a little with of anti-perspirant on the back of your neck will keep the sweat at bay and keep your straightened locks smooth and silky.

2. Used Crushed Aspirin to Exfoliate

Aspirin contains salicylic acid that kills bacteria and reduces inflammation. Mixed crushed aspirin, honey, and water to remove ingrown hairs and redness around your bikini area.

3. Fight Frizz With The Proper Tools

Humidity causes frizzy hair so use a ceramic blow dryer with a diffuser to keep moisture in.

frau unzufrieden mit ihrem haar

4. Wear a Hat For Skin Health

Heavily sunned skin is at risk for developing skin cancer, but it also makes you vulnerable to blotchy, uneven spots. Wear 30 SPF at all times and even better, wear a hat as an added barrier.

5. Wet Your Hair Before Swimming

Wetting hair before swimming in the ocean or pool saturates the cuticle with water, so less chemicals can damage the integrity of your hair.

6. Fix Uneven Self-Tanner With Baking Soda

Opt for a spray on self-tanner, but you’re left looking streaky? Stop scrubbing your skin red and concoct an exfoliator out of baking soda and water. It will help wash away excess, tanner so you can try again.


7. Prevent Clogged Pores and Perspiration

A quick spritz of Evian Mineral Water Spray will keep your skin from becoming parched while also cleansing of sweat and unclogging your pores.

8. Use Finishing Spray for Flawless, Long-Lasting Makeup

Summer is the perfect time to break out your finishing spray. Say goodbye to melted foundation and racoon eyes with Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray.

9. Clarifying Shampoos Are Not Just For Blondes

Blondes are not the only ones who have to worry about chlorine, salt and sun ruining their luscious locks; clarifying products will help tone color and prevent build-up.

10. Adopt a Strategic Shine to Conceal Oily Skin

Makeup artist Tom Pecheux suggests blending liquid highlighter on the tops of the cheek, brow bones and down the bridge of the nose. “That takes a little practice—don’t go all the way to the tip of the nose, or it will look oily,” he says.

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