15 People You’ll Meet At The Gym

The world is full of interesting people and they all seem to culminate at one location: the gym.

1. The Annoying Fitness Couple

Whether you’ve seen or talked to them, you know who they are. When they aren’t making you feel less about yourself, they’re performing absurd exercises with their bodies.

2. The Personal Trainer Who Takes it Too Far

Spotting a client is one thing, but this personal trainer gets all-up in their clients personal business.

3. The Singer

You know the one… He or she takes to their cardio machine like it’s a stage and belts out their favorite tunes (poorly, I might add).

4. The “Bro Tips” Guy

He’s the guy who reads way too much Men’s Health and quotes lines from Bodybuilding.com. He’s sure to supply you with a hefty dose of “bro tips,” so you too can get “shredded.”

5. The Middle-Aged Mom

She may be a weight-lifter or cardio bunny, but either way she’s super hot and completely dedicated to her physique.

6. The Idiot

They probably can’t help it—they probably think that whatever crazy move they are trying to pull off will be the next secret to extreme weight loss, but it’s not.

7. The Screamer

A little grunting is sometimes necessary, but this guy takes it to a whole new level when he screams and sends his dumbbells sailing through the air.

8. The Inappropriate Gym Rat

I’m all for trying to new exercises, but occasionally you see a person taking something just a little too far. Kind of like this:

9. The Barbie Doll

Whoever said it was necessary to wear makeup and perfectly coiffed hair to the gym was sadly mistaken.

10. The Bodybuilder

Perfectly chiseled and tanned, he or she glides through the gym like they own the joint. You’re either annoyed or inspired.

11. The CrossFitter

He or she only performs Olympic lifts and sprints while casually bragging about all the benefits that CrossFit has to offer.

12. The Stinker

This person thinks that wearing perfume or cologne masks the smell of body odor, so his or her entire body is doused in it.

13. The Yogi

We get it, you’re into yoga, but there’s time and a place for everything, and this isn’t a yoga studio.

14. The Quiet Warrior

This person stays humble at all times and has only one reason to be there: to workout. You appreciate the hard work and stoic demeanor.

15. The Newbie

You know the newbie because he or she is constantly watching what’s happening. The newbie tends to stick near the cardio equipment (because it’s safe there).

Which one are you?

Are you the one performing inappropriate exercises or perhaps the newbie who has just started your exercise journey? Whichever one you are, the gym is home to all shapes, sizes, and types. And, we all come together for one common goal: to become our best possible selves.

Now, get moving and head to the gym.

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