An Ode To Apartment Living

After four years of living in apartment 304, I am moving. My husband’s attachment is not as strong as mine, as he has only lived in the apartment a little over a year. And although I am thrilled to be moving on with our lives and into our first house, this is the apartment where I grew into the person I am today. Apartment 304 is my home.

Although it may be riddled with memories, it has remained mostly unchanged over the past four years. I have built a life inside these walls—a little world where safety was never questioned. Life, here, is simple.


Moving on is hard, but it is also coupled with excitement. Excitement of what is to come…I have no idea what owning a house is like. I don’t know what it will be like to gain that much space. Will the cats get lost? Will I feel alone? Does this mean I can have a Christmas tree on every floor?

Aside from the added space, how will our lives change? Here, in this apartment, the possibility of adding to our family of four (my husband, our two cats, and myself) was never something we desired. Here, is our first life. The life where we fell in love, where we planned our wedding, where we fought our first fight…it was where we named our unborn children, discussed our careers, and laid down a foundation.

It has been a perfect life.

As the door to this life closes, our safety net is also taken away. We are definitely no longer children, but adults with two evolving careers that are allowing us to take this next step—a terrifying step into the next phase of our life. Up until now, it has been all fun and games. We have been allowed to make mistakes, act frivolously and without care. Acting like an adult has only been an option as we straddle the line between young and old.

Even being married has been easy because the only responsibility we have is to our feline companions and each other. Our relationship has been allowed to safely flourish between these kind walls. Like some sort of science experiment we have gelled together, harmoniously, despite having only dated for four months before becoming engaged. And here we are, a year and a half later, ready to leave this life behind and move on to our next.

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So, what is next?

Well, I will spend the next month cleaning and carefully packing up our belongings. I will be thankful for each and every day I spend in this apartment. It was the first place I called home after leaving for college. And, the day we move out, I will cry and let go of this life.

And after that, we will move into our first house, together. It will be the beginning to the uncharted territory of home ownership, where I will learn how to operate a boiler and how to redo a bathroom, while my husband will refamiliarize himself with a lawn mower as well as learn the ins and outs of owning a fixer-upper.

What the heck is a boiler?

As we begin our final days in this life. I feel blessed to have lived in apartment 304. May the next owners be as fortunate as we were to have experienced such joyous times here and may our future be even brighter in our new house.

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