Bison Fans: If You Find An IPhone 6, It’s Mine

Thirty-six hours after losing my cell phone, I still don’t know how I did it. I have searched my brain over and over, retraced my steps at least 15 times, but I just cannot figure out the mystery of the missing iPhone 6.

It was a beautiful fall morning. I was headed to NDSU for a long day of tailgating. Armed with my yellow North Face vest and green Under Armour sweatshirt, I was committed to root for my team along with my fellow Bison fans. As the morning unfolded, I started recording videos and snapping photos of the observers. My cheering suddenly became a job. I was on a mission. A writing mission to determine what made a great Bison fan. #BestJobEver

Following my tenth interview, I sat down to rejoice in my victories. I had collected enough video to create the perfect mash-up of Bison fans celebrating their team together. Within a few minutes of resting, I went to grab my phone and admire my work. To my dismay it was gone.

The loss of my cell phone and work made me realize that my cell phone was not just a piece of hardware that I used to communicate with the outside world. This situation sucked (big time) for five reasons:

The Cost

Even with insurance, the cost of a new phone is still $200. I might as well light $900 on fire because that’s the cost of the old phone (brand new as of July) plus the new one.

The Inconvenience

I am now unreachable. If someone had a medical emergency, passed away, or needed something in rush I wouldn’t be able to help out because I have no phone.


I don’t know about you, but my phone goes beyond the standard communication device. I have dozens of videos, recordings, photos, ideas etc. I lost everything in one device.

Applications Software

Forget about updating apps. Harvesting those fields can’t exactly wait but they’ll have to. #FarmvilleProblems

I Feel Stupid

I feel like I have been robbed, but that is unclear because I have no idea what happened. It was a careless mistake, but was it really my mistake or did someone take it? #IllNeverKnow

My new phone will be here Wednesday, but I’ll never be able to get back the lost footage or precious memories. If you happen to find an iPhone 6 with a Kate Spade cover, please call the Forum. Oh, and don’t try turning it on; my cell phone provider has it turned off. #KindlyReturn

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