Five Times Santa Made Us Believe In Magic

Christmas allows you to reawaken your inner child who has been lying dormant since your parents smashed the existence of Santa Claus into fairytale smithereens.

The holiday season teaches us that magic truly exists in the people around us, and occasionally, it makes itself known through the individuals who play the iconic man known as Santa Clause.

Here are five times Santa made us believe magic truly does exist.

Santa Claus Signs With Little Girl

Remember that amazing moment during Miracle on 34th Street, when Kris Kringle used sign language to communicate with a little girl? Well, that actually happened at Middlesbrough’s Cleveland Centre in November. Watch the heart breaking moment, above.

Santa Purchases $79,000 Worth of Toys For Kids

This man may not be wearing a Santa suit, but an anonymous, white-bearded man, dubbed Santa B, purchased $79,000 worth of toys for strangers. The generosity is suspected to help as many as 300 families this season.


Secret Santa Uses Police Officers to Bring Joy to a Community

There is nothing like a positive law enforcement story to keep the holiday season rolling. Instead of elves, Santa recruited law enforcement officials to pass around $100 dollar bills throughout the community of Galesburg, Illinois. Chief of Police David Christensen kept the overall donation amount private, but he did say it fulfills “our need to help.”


Stranger Is Mistaken as Santa

This little girl mistakes a stranger for Santa. Luckily, the kind, old man plays along and asks her if she’s been a good girl this year. Check out the adorable conversation above.

Santa Saved a Life

A volunteer firefighter was on his way to deliver gifts to disadvantaged children.While on the way, he witnessed a car accident that left one man slumped over the front of his steering wheel. As a fire broke out, Chris Broughton lept from his own vehicle to pull the man from the wreckage. He did this all while wearing a Santa suit.2288

Want to be just like Santa this year? Well, Charles W. Howard Santa School in Midland, Michigan, will teach you how to become a professional Santa. But if red isn’t your color… why not try spreading a little holiday cheer by donating your time (or money) to those in need.

Be like Santa this year and teach others that magic can and does exist.

Bonus: Santa Lies Down On The Floor For Boy With Autism

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