How To Wear A Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves may have been last year’s trend, but it appears they are here for the long haul and they are bigger and better than ever. It may not be frigid enough to start wearing these cozy frocks just yet, but you better believe that fall is coming.

To kick off the fall season, I purchased three blanket scarves, but to my dismay I discovered I didn’t even know how to wear one of these would-be picnic blankets. Despite how versatile blanket scarves can be, they can also be incredibly difficult to figure out.

To combat your potential fear of blanket scarves (and my ignorance), I decided to create a little video to clear up any confusion this fabulous fall accessory may cause.
Check out the six ways you can wear a blanket scarf:

Other ways of wearing a blanket scarf include:

Blanket Scarf As A Coat
Photo Via Andreas Notebook


Blanket Scarf As A Poncho
Photo Via SheFinds


Blanket Scarf As A Cape
Photo Via


Blanket Scarf As A Braid
braided scarf
Photo Via ClassySassyBlog


Blanket Scarf As A Knot

scarf knot

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