Millennials Are Being More Conservative In One Unpredictable Way

When it comes to sex on the first date, to each their own…right? I mean, it is 2016.

We live in a very progressive age, so it can be assumed that it’s a more socially acceptable practice. Besides, non-millennials just assume we are a bunch of loosey-goosey children anyway, so why not sow your wild oats and philander all over the Upper-Midwest?

I am, of course, kidding.

However, for those of you who do assume that sex on the first date is just a given nowadays, think again. It turns out my fellow millennials are lockin’ it down and reserving sex for better affairs… and honestly, I think that is fan-freaking-tastic.

Researchers at OkCupid, an American-based online dating website, conducted a survey in 2005 and again in 2015 regarding people’s attitudes about sex on the first date. Surprisingly, respondents are 20 percent less open to getting it on right away than they were in 2005. Only 25 percent of female respondents would even consider sex before three to five dates have occurred, compared to 50 percent ten years ago.

What’s Your Number?

Although people are finding casual sex a little less attractive these days, millennials are also finding those who do have casual sex less unattractive. It seems our judgment towards others has waned and we hold ourselves to a different standard. Almost half of the people surveyed said they don’t think you can have “too many” partners, but back in 2005 only 30 percent didn’t care about a person’s “number.”  

This is pretty cool for the people who have been around the block a time or two. But the more important research comes from the earlier stats: holding off on sex until you really know someone comes down to protecting yourself from terrifying diseases. Not to sound like a high school health teacher, but having sex on the first date is a risky decision for your overall well-being—both mentally and physically.

Why Millennials Are Probably Waiting Longer…

  • Having a baby prior to being ready isn’t ideal. (And ultimately, that’s the point of sex—procreation, duh!)
  • You need time to make sure both of you have been tested for STDs. Yes, this is an awkward conversation, but it’s 100 percent worth it at any age.
  • Once you start having sex, you won’t want to stop—that’s just the way it is.
  • You need time to build a solid foundation in your relationship.
  • Waiting to have sex can be fun and increases the intensity in your relationship.
  • Joan Allen, a relationship expert, told WebMD people should “wait as long as possible because you need to be able to see the person objectively.” Having sex changes the way you see a person.


Overall, OkCupid’s data showed that people are a tad more accepting of people’s personal business—yet more conservative about sex—than ever before. Maybe millennials will surprise you after all!

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