The Four Best Looks For Grooms (And The Three Worst)

This is dedicated to all the men who don’t know what the hell to wear to their own wedding…

In last week’s article, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something Trendy, Something New, I covered the many trends offered to the beaming bride. Unfortunately, when it comes to the groom there appears to be a shortage of readily available trends. Here’s what you need to know:

First Thing’s First: What is the Difference Between Suit and Tuxedo

The main difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the presence of satin. Traditional tuxedos have satin on the lapels, buttons, pocket trims, and down the leg of the trousers. Suits, however, have no satin and may contain plastic buttons. Historically, tuxedos were only worn with bow ties and cumberbunds. However, modern tuxedos are often worn with a tie.

Seeing a man in a suit isn’t that uncommon, but to see a man in a tuxedo says something classy is taking place. If your wedding style is more low key, opt for a suit. If your wedding style is more formal, wear a tuxedo.

Top Four Wedding Trends for Men

The Irresistibly Sexy Black Tuxedo










What is so irresistibly tantalizing about this look? Fashion Beans calls it, “timeless, and therefore, simple.” It says, ‘I look hot’ without investing a ton of effort. Think yin and yang, two halves that make a complete whole. Besides let’s be honest, there is just something super sexy about a man wearing all black.

The Classic










Sean Connery established this look 50 plus years ago when his character, James Bond, became an iconic symbol of philandering and sex appeal. You can’t beat a classic. This look tells your guests you mean serious wedding business, and it keeps your bride focused on the private after party.

There’s Versatility in Gray

grey2 gray3








Dark gray, light gray, plaid gray, and more. The great thing about gray is its versatility.You can mix just about any color with gray, and you’re sure to turn heads and make your bride go wild. Bonus, groomsmen don’t have to match shoe color, because it all looks good with gray.

The Navy Tuxedo

nayc2 Navy1








If Ryan Gosling, Chris Pine, and Daniel Craig wear the same navy tuxedo, you know it’s a winner. This is one of the few ways you are able to show your personality while keeping the elegance. Try pairing this with tropical colored flowers and chestnut oxfords for an even bigger wow factor.

And the three worst…Avoid the….

Camo suit, tuxedo shirt, & denim suit.

Don’t distract the audience with outlandish behavior, apparel, or entertainment. Creating a memorable wedding is one thing, but wouldn’t you rather have your guests remember your romantic vows or original first dance? I think so!

Remember, look sexy in all black, be classy in a tuxedo, be versatile in grey, and show your personality in blue!

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