This Justin Bieber Fan Makes Me Want To Puke

I hate Justin Bieber, almost as much as I hate the Kardashians.

So, obviously when an article surfaces about a young woman changing her last name to be ‘Bieber’ surfaces, I have to address it.

Gabrielle Newton-Bieber is not just a Justin Bieber fan. Her obsession began in 2009 and has spiraled out of control. From tattoos to sleeping with a Bieber cutout…there is no stopping this 22-year-old Nottinghamshire native from being a ‘belieber.’

Her mother bought her the name change for her 18th birthday, although she considers herself ‘reluctant’ about her daughter’s obsession. But her daughter said that Justin Bieber “is the only man for her.”


“I always call Justin my husband when I talk to people,” Newton-Bieber said, according to BBC. “I say ‘I’ve got to go, my husband is just on the TV.’ They find it a bit weird because we are not really married — if only we were. Just maybe one day.” …..Yeah, not weird at all [wtf]??

name change

Newton-Bieber also has multiple tattoos dedicated to her one and only and is planning for another in honor of Bieber’s latest album, Purpose. The young woman said the main reason she came out to the public with her obsession was in the hopes of actually meeting the popstar and also says, “I do think if I won the lottery I would probably end up stalking him, finding where he’s living and move there.” So, if he ends up missing at least the police know who to go after.


But it doesn’t stop there, Newton-Bieber also has admitted to talking to the cardboard cutout, but she hasn’t had dinner with it yet….because that would be weird. She did say she may consider bringing him out for Christmas dinner.

Well, I’m not sure if she’s crazy or not, but good luck, Gabrielle…maybe you will be One Less Lonely Girl, eventually.

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