Wedding Dance Woes? Harmon DanceWorks & DJ To The Rescue

I have jokingly said, “In my next life, I will be a dancer.” I was always envious of people who were able to create art with their bodies. For years I’ve had the urge to really get down and boogie, but with absolutely no experience and two left feet, I am not sure I will ever be a dancer.

With a wedding around the corner, I had an excuse to start researching and perhaps even put the time into becoming, at the least, an acceptable dancer. Thus began my dancing journey, with (God, help him) my sweet, innocent, fiance, who basically accepts any crazy suggestion I come up with (stay tuned for our upcoming 21 Day Fix adventure).

Already Callin’ You Mine

My fiance and I had been together for about ten days when the conversation of marriage was brought up… we were engaged four months after that. This meant that when it came time for us to start planning our wedding, we didn’t have a song for our first dance nor had we ever danced together.

Neither of us wanted to just pick a random song; we wanted something that had meaning to us. I was on my way to work the first time I heard Already Callin’ You Mine by Parmalee. I turned up the radio and proceeded to listen to the rest of the song. Everything about this song told our story.

That night, I suggested the song to my fiance. He too, fell in love. We cranked it up and proceeded to twirl around the kitchen—that’s what got us thinking that swing dancing might be a good fit for this song.

With little knowledge and a whole lot of curiosity, I contacted Dave Harmon of Harmon Danceworks. I told him our vision over an email and he called me back the same day.

dave harmon
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No Swing Dancing for Me

The first time I spoke to Dave he kindly told me that our song was not a swing dancing song. Despite that, he knew exactly what we were looking for, and he already had some ideas. He continued to tell me it would be a fairly simple three-step and we would add lots of twists and twirls to make it what we wanted.

I warned him that I was a horrible dancer and had a bad habit of not following my partner (born leader, duh). He told me I would be just fine and that many people have the same problem.

Dave eased my anxiety and I really felt that he was just as excited about teaching us to dance as I was about learning. I predicted my fiance would appreciate his cheery attitude and it would help bring him out of his shell. I set our first instruction three weeks into the future.

I Can Kind of Dance… With Assistance

I assume most people don’t have a full size studio located at the back of their home, but Dave does. With its high ceilings, polished floors, and wall of mirrors, you would never guess that Dave’s office is attached to his house.

Once we arrived, we jumped right in. Dave ran us through his choreography and we weren’t as entirely awful as I thought we would be. He stayed patient through the entire session and even got my fiance to smile a few times.

I fell in love with dancing… my secret passion was finally being unleashed and I couldn’t have had more fun. What I didn’t know about Dave, until meeting him, was dancing was only a tiny piece of what his company did.

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Dave Doesn’t Just Dance

After supervising his own wedding in 2008, he decided to turn his passion into his career. “I just thought in my head I love this so much I want to try this. I had been to other weddings where [the experience] just wasn’t good, and I knew I could do a better job. From Harmon DanceWorks we added DJ to the end of name – I started advertising for weddings in 2008 and we now have 8 DJ’s.”

Harmon DanceWorks & DJ is a company built on referrals which enables them to continue growing. The company specializes in weddings because “they make a difference in people’s lives,” Dave said. “We really love creating moments and memories that they’re going to have for the rest of their lives.”

‘It’s my passion. It’s what I love to do.’

The company is also top rated on WeddingWire, with 5.0 out of 5.0 stars. One of the reviews read, “From the introduction meeting to the wedding day, there was not a single moment we were disappointed. Troy (Master of Ceremonies), was very detailed, energetic, and most of all focused on us as a couple and making our day special. We owe a lot to Harmon Danceworks and DJ!”

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Dave said, the DJ’s are required to meet a certain amount of training hours and levels before they are allowed to run a wedding alone. “We train our DJ’s very thoroughly. We don’t just hire someone off of the street. Our mission statement is to have every one of our clients feeling like they have just attended the best wedding of their lives.”

For the Clients

Once I booked with Dave, I received a couple of different documents. One that wanted to know everything about my fiance and I. How we met, our hobbies, our first date etc. I think it was the first time outside of premarital counseling that I spoke about our relationship in such an in-depth manner. And, it was also the first time that I became really excited about our wedding day. People would actually know who we were as a couple because Dave took the time to ask and explain.

The second document contained everything we would be doing during the reception. From games, to songs, to entertainment for the kids—everything was covered. They even do a reception dance lesson for our guests.

“I always wanted something unique and the dance side of it is something we bring that no other Dj service does. I wanted to be able to get out there and lead those line dances and call them out—the difference is, you get five people on the dance floor trying to figure it out themselves or you’ve got thirty on the dance floor, laughing and having a good time, making memories which is the point of having the dance. And the reception dance lesson helps out with that.”

The Whole Package—Harmon DanceWorks & DJ Includes:

  • An itinerary of the night’s events
  • Two meetings with the DJ: three months and one month prior to the wedding
  • Unlimited hours on the day of reception
  • Personalized introduction of the bridal party
  • Your love story as told by the DJ
  • A vows voiceover (your vows laid over your first song)
  • Reception dance lesson
  • Five week dance course for clients
    • Two weeks of swing
    • One week of country
    • One week of waltz
    • One week of wedding line dances (wobble, gingham, cupid Shuffle etc.)

My favorite thing from our afternoon with Dave was his willingness to take it upon himself to make our day the best it could possibly be. Glancing through his reception checklist, Dave read, “Check the cake table for the knife, plate, and napkin.” He smiled. “Maybe not my job, but there have been so many times where I’ve gone to the kitchen to get a knife because I don’t want there to be any odd moments—not the end of the world, but somebody dropped the ball. So we just put it on ourselves as the host to take care of the little things so you don’t have to.”
I look forward to our wedding knowing that we will have so many people there to support us and one of those people happens to be from Harmon DanceWorks & DJ. So at least if our dancing does suck, we have a great party to fall back on and plenty of entertainment to satisfy our guests.

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  1. Tyler

    Fantastic article!! I got married ~7 weeks ago in the FM area and Corey was our DJ. My wife and I are STILL hearing from guests on how awesome they thought our DJ was!

    Great job Corey and Thanks Dave for helping us with the dance!

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