What You Don’t Know About Your Personal Trainer May Surprise You

I love being a personal trainer. It is an extremely rewarding, ever-evolving profession that encourages constant education, and adaptation of training methods. The best trainers continue educating themselves far beyond their first certifications, but they also don’t pretend to know everything. They embrace the unknown and use it as another learning experience.

There are very few negative aspects to the job. After all, who wouldn’t want to work from home, while wearing sweatpants, and motivating people into becoming the healthiest versions of themselves? But even the best jobs have an Achilles heel. And, for me, it’s the nagging feeling that I am constantly being watched, under a microscope that is so big, I can’t hide anything from anyone.

Insecurities. Insecurities Everywhere.  

I have discussed my lingering fat kid persona. Becoming a trainer didn’t take that way… knowing how to lose fat, didn’t take that way… knowing how to control my eating (without feeling deprived), didn’t take that away…it will always be with me.

My body issues didn’t just magically go away when I became a trainer, in fact, I discuss them now more than ever. Clients, especially, love transparency. They like knowing you have a story because it makes you relatable. And, emotionally connecting with a client begins when you allow them to see you as more than just a personal trainer.

However, a fine line exists between sharing and divulging too much information—It is the point when you no longer have a teacher and student relationship.
The symbiotic relationship goes out the door and suddenly you are two equals, discussing your insecurities. And, as a trainer, my insecurities are either as big or bigger than my clients.

Image taken from Shape.com
Image taken from Shape.com

How Can You Be a Trainer if Your Insecurities Are Bigger Than Your Clients?

My insecurities are what got me here. I didn’t like the way I felt about myself, and I believe no one should live a life that is full of self-hatred and self-doubt. You’ll be surprised to learn that most trainers became fitness enthusiasts because they were insecure… whether they were overweight or felt scrawny, their insecurities lead them to personal training.

Just because your trainer looks like he has his shit together (now) doesn’t mean he wasn’t in your situation at one point or another. Developing your relationship and delving deeper into his past may be what you need to see beyond his exterior—it may just help you out in your own fitness endeavors.

But if you don’t care about developing a special bond, still hold back your immediate judgments because ultimately a personal trainer is more than just a trainer; she is a person with a history of her own insecurities, and like you, they fight those everyday.

Image taken from Shape.com

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